Friday, July 10, 2009

I sound blaah but i miss cheer.

Together we unite !

THESE PEOPLE. How do they carry me ?
One must have made of stone, one trooper, & the other one robot.
Our 'get serious or die' stunt group: Krish, esther, hsin. ♥
I miss you guyssss :(


I like surprises. :)
Su, mich, mel. Thank you !

Carol on the left, left, left. She :
sweats till the cows come home.
is mother of pearls.
"5 6 7 8 ! Op, nop, you lost it."
"By the way ah girls, ..."
She's the captain every team in this world wants.

Victoria ! MAN, what can i do without you !

Dynamitez 'o9 ! ♥♥♥ :)

With our awesome jumps.

Sandra, cheer partner.
Hahaha sounds gay.

Our day out exploring in carol's house.
Jade, Tiff, Dra, Emi.